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NEW! Future account

Big or small balance? We’ve got you covered with a big rate!

  • 5.00%APY†† 
    More interest. More money for you.
  • No Min/Max
    No minimum balance to open, no maximum balance for the rate.
  • Easy Peasy
    Easy-to-use app with a personalized dashboard



It’s all
about you

You are unique. We understand that. You can make fit you.

  • Five accounts
    You pick your favorite.
  • Get paid up to two days early**
    With your Spend account.
  • Your own “contactless” debit card
    Your name, your debit card number, and…a smile.
  • Personalized dashboard
    Keep it basic, or change it to make it fit you.
  • 1.00%APY on your Goals savings account balances†
    Go ahead, and save for that new guitar, bike, car, home, or whatever!
  • 55,000 Free ATMs in our Allpoint network
    Use the Allpoint ATM Locator. Your cash is never far away.
  • Financial Tools
    See all your finances on one page. “Plan” for your future.
  • Zelle®
    It’s a fast, safe and easy way to send and receive money with friends, family, and others.
  • Round-Up Widget
    A simple way to save that puts you in control.

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Account Choices

Pick the option that fits you best.

  • Free
    No fees account.
  • Friends
    An account with a generous rewards program for referring your friends*.
  • First
    Have a child 10-17 that needs a bank account? Are you a college student 18-24 with a limited income? This account is for you.
  • Fresh
    Have you had money management issues? Have you been reported to ChexSystems? Try the fresh account. We are ready to help.
  • NEW! Future
    A savings account that delivers 5.00%APY ††  on your balance.

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  • Easy
    Got friends? Like your account? Share the love and get paid.
  • Five simple steps
    Click on the link and we will show you how.
  • Unlimited offer
    Refer two friends and get $100… refer 10 friends and get $500. (Woohoo!)

strong security

Your money is protected. Our multiple levels of security may be a little overkill (but we like it that way).

  • Multiple layers of security are built in to detect fraud and protect each account.
  • Your balances are FDIC insured through Liberty Savings Bank, FSB.
  • .bank URL gives you additional security and peace of mind.
  • HTTPS SSL, and 256-Bit encryption.

See What Others Have to Say:

“Saves me time. Super simple way to manage my money.”

Patrick B.

“My friends account is helping me make extra cash each month.”

Anna K.

“I create my own "Goals" accounts which help me save for what I want.”

Sarah R.

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*The FDIC National Average APY for an interest-bearing checking account is 0.03% APY as of 7/2/2021. To earn 0.55% APY on your Spend account balance requires 15 monthly purchases per month using your mphCard.

* There is a $9/month fee for the Friends account which is automatically waived the first month the account is opened, and the next full month. This fee will be waived each month there are 15 posted mphCard purchases by the last business day of the month. The Friends account has Monthly Referral Rewards. You will get paid one dollar ($1.00) each month, for each verified account you refer, and their connections (up to 6,) if you, and they, have at least 15 mphCard purchases post to the respective account(s) by the last business day of the month. Each member is limited to earning $8,500 in referral rewards per month, regardless of the number of people you have referred, or they have referred. The referral code you create is what links the new account to you. If the new member does not type in your code correctly, you will not get credit. See Truth in Savings Disclosure for full terms and conditions. Customer information is private so we will not be able to share with you the names of those who have opened an account using your code. Fees could reduce earnings. The interest rate is 0.00% APY (APY stands for Annual Percentage Yield). All deposit products are provided by, and is a brand of, Liberty Savings Bank, F.S.B. Member FDIC.
**Access to funds for getting paid early can be up to two days prior to the date of scheduled payment and is dependent on the submission of direct deposit by the payer. Standard fraud prevention restrictions apply.
† Goals accounts earn 1.00%APY (APY stands for Annual Percentage Yield). All deposit products are provided by, and is a brand of, Liberty Savings Bank, F.S.B. Member FDIC.
†† Future accounts earn 5.00%APY (APY stands for Annual Percentage Yield). All deposit products are provided by, and is a brand of, Liberty Savings Bank, F.S.B. Member FDIC.