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Our Mission makes people happy by empowering them to achieve financial success.

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Weird name.
What’s up with that? stands for Makes – People – Happy.

We do that in a variety of ways:

  • Four account choices. Pick the one that fits you best.
  • Personalized dashboard. Keep it basic, or change it to make it fit you.
  • You pick easy-to-use digital spend (checking) options.
  • You “Name-It” savings accounts called “Goals”. Go ahead, save for that new guitar, bike, car, home, or whatever!
  • You control Round-Up Widget. A simple way to save.
  • You see your money snapshot. See all your finances on one page. “Plan” for your future.
  • Strong security. Your money is protected.
Join Today is backed and run by a 133 year old FDIC-insured bank

Since 1889, Liberty Savings bank has a long history of offering products and services that deliver VALUE for all of the people we serve.

In 2018, Liberty Savings Bank created a team to launch to offer value to a national audience vs just the communities located near our Florida branch network.

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We decided to create a bank that gives value to our customers instead of buying expensive traditional media, building grandiose branches with coffee bars, or sponsoring gargantuan professional sports stadiums.

– Team

meet Pat, the head of

Find out a little bit more about the guy that runs He knows his stuff when it comes to both technology and banking.