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In the event that you have become a victim of identity theft, it is highly recommended that the steps below be considered.  These steps are intended to assist you in protecting yourself from further harm.


Through this site, you can check your credit report with each of the three major credit bureaus once annually.  We recommend checking the report with one agency now, and then again later in the year with the others.  HTTPS://WWW.ANNUALCREDITREPORT.COM/INDEX.ACTION


Ask for a Fraud Alert – Fraud alerts remain in place for one year.  After that, you have to decide whether to allow it to expire, or contact the credit bureau again to have it extended.  The fraud alert will require any business to verify your identity before issuing credit.  The credit bureau might attempt to contact you if someone attempts to obtain credit, so make sure that you provide the best contact details possible.

Ask for a Credit Freeze – This will stop all access to your credit report.  So in order to access your report, or for a creditor to access your report, you have to make contact and positively identify yourself to lift the freeze.  Please note that we would be careful with this one.  It is designed to protect, but if you intend to purchase items that require a credit check; obtain credit; rent a car; etc.  This could be a challenge and become cumbersome.

Only you can really decide which of these options is right for you.  The contact information for these options is below.


Federal Trade Commission – File an identity theft report. HTTPS://WWW.IDENTITYTHEFT.GOV/

Social Security Office – Consider contacting the local SS office to advise them that someone is using your SSN.