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US N26 Customers, We Have the Perfect New Bank For You!

Posted on November 23, 2021 by Bill Rieger

N26 is closing, what are your mobile banking options?

You woke up this morning, grabbed a cup of coffee, and sat down to read your daily news feed only to find out that your bank, N26, has decided to leave the U.S. market. Now what do you do?

There are plenty of online alternatives to N26, all with pros and cons, some may even have identical offerings. You could choose one and start that process to move everything over and move on with your life, right? Maybe. Or maybe there is something here in the United States that’s even better? Let me introduce and all it can offer!

I know N26, who is is an online bank that makes people happy by empowering them to achieve financial success! is powered by Liberty Savings Bank, an FDIC-insured community bank with over 132 years of banking experience. It is the brainchild of the latest generation of bankers to own Liberty Savings Bank. A purely digital bank, it offers all the features you would expect from an online bank but with a wonderful Twist.

What’s the twist? Are they different than N26? does not advertise, it is purely a word-of-mouth bank. Instead of spending hundreds of millions of dollars on advertising, they would rather give that money to their customers. customers earn 1 dollar every month for every friend they refer and every friend those friends refer down through 6 levels. Think of it this way, if you refer 5 friends and each of those friends refer an average of 2 friends down 6 levels you could earn $315.00 a month, every month! That could be a car payment, grocery trip, or savings for a great vacation! Now, change it up, if you refer 2 friends and each of them refer an average of 5 friends down 6 levels you could earn $7,812.00 a month! That’s $93,744.00 a year. What could you do with that? Need to see more? Try the rewards calculator at Rewards –

I just need a great bank with great features and service!

Rewards are great but you need a great bank, with great features and service. Here are some of the excellent features offers.

The happy rate

The mph Spend account has an industry-leading interest that’s up to 12 times the national average for banking interest rates. No minimum balance is required. Make 15 swipes of your cool new mphCard a month and you’re going to get one of the best rates on the web.

Mobile deposit

Have a check you need to deposit? Use’s mobile deposit system. Take a picture of your check and deposit it now vs trying to find an ATM.

External account transfer

Do you need to transfer money in or out of another account at a different bank? No problem, set up your external account and transfer in or out whenever you need to, you can even schedule automatic transfers.

See everything in one place

With’s Financial Tools, you can see all your bank accounts, credit cards, loans, even your retirement accounts in one place, even if they aren’t accounts.

Be in the know

With our credit monitoring tools, updated credit score, and comprehensive credit report you are always in the know about your financial health. See how different things in your credit report can affect your score and your ability to borrow money.

Set goals

With’s new Goals-Based Accounts (coming soon) you can set a goal amount and a time to achieve it. The Goals Dashboard will show your progress and warn when you are falling behind in your time frame. You will even be able to round up all purchases to the next dollar increment or a specific amount and have that money transferred from your Spend account to a selected Goals account every time you make a purchase.

Manage your referral rewards

Remember the Twist? helps you monitor and manage your Referral Rewards so you can see how you and your referral network are doing. You will be able to see your potential earnings for each month as the month progresses.

Happy helpers

The Happy Helpers are available every day to assist you with all your banking needs. You can call them, use their secure messaging system, or use their secure online chat service. Whatever is convenient for you, there will be a knowledgeable and Happy Helper there to get you on your way.

Need more?

We do too! That’s why is always innovating and taking customer feedback to make their Mobile Experience even better!

N26 may have just pulled the rug out from under you, but you will soon thank them because now you can bank with the Happiest Bank on the Internet and get paid to do it. Go to and click “Join”, use referral code “MakeMeHappy”!