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N26 vs Chime vs MPH

Posted on November 23, 2021 by Bill Rieger

N26 is leaving the United States Market

Wondering what your online bank options are now?

There are so many online banks out there, who do you choose?  Hopefully, the below chart will help with your decision!

N26 used to offer Chime
Bank or Fintech? European Bank Fintech with US bank partners US Bank owned by Liberty Savings Bank
Rewards Cash Back on debit card spend/discounts on favorite brands and subscriptions One time bonuses:

$5 bonus for signing up

$100 bonus for direct deposit

$100 for referred accounts

All hinge on direct deposits*

Referral Rewards:

$1 every month for everyone you refer and they refer, to 5 levels that qualifies (makes 15 debit purchases). Most you can make:  $8500/month

Debit Purchase tracking tool built for transparency

Fees No min account balance No Overdraft Fee No min account balance

No overdraft fees if approved for SpotMe

No min account balance
No overdraft fee
ATM Fees Free ATM network
2 free out of network
$2 out of network after 2
Allpoint ATM Network

$2.50 fee for out of network ATM

Allpoint ATM Network

No fee to use out of network ATM

Sub/Goals Accounts Yes Yes Yes
Roundup Yes Yes Yes*

Available 1st Qtr 2021

Mobile Wallets Apple Pay
Google Pay
Apple Pay

Google Pay

Samsung Pay

Apple Pay
Google Pay
Samsung Pay
Deposits Mobile Check Deposit

No cash deposit

Mobile Check Deposit

Cash deposit through Greendot locations with varying fees

Mobile Check Deposit

Cash deposit through allpoint network

Person to Person Payments MoneyBeam person to person transfer Zelle Person to Person Zelle Person to Person * Available in December 2021
Financial Awareness Tools N/A Credit Score for Equifax Credit Score and alerts for Transunion

Link and monitor external accounts on bank app

Create Budgets and track spending

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