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mphCard is Packed with Rewards

1. Simply make 15 purchases with your mphCard OR make monthly direct deposits of $500 or more to unlock these rewards:

  • Up to 0.55% APY* interest on your Spend account balances. That’s more than the FDIC national average for checking accounts*.
  • Waives monthly $9 membership fee* (Special Limited Time Offer: Free for the first 6 months of your new mph.bank account.)

2. When you make 15 purchases with your mphCard, you unlock monthly network Referral Rewards*

monthly network referral rewards*

Refer friends and you could earn a dollar for each person, up to six degrees of connections, every month*. It can add up!

Try our calculator and see how much you can make.

Calculate Your Referral Rewards

First Degree Connections Number of people that open accounts using your referral code.

2nd-6th Degree Connections Average number of people who open accounts for each person in your network.

Percentage of People That Qualify Each Month

Rewards Results

$ *

*Requires 15 monthly purchases per month using your mphCard to qualify. $8,500 maximum monthly earnings in Referral Rewards. Calculated earnings are hypothetical or for illustrative purposes. Your results may vary. Please consult the mph.bank terms and conditions.

referral rewards
frequently asked questions

Do I start over every month with Referral Rewards?

Seems too good to be true. How is this possible?

How do I get started with Referral Rewards?

Do Referral Rewards pay me every month?

Referral Rewards sounds like network marketing. How are you different?

Do I really get paid for referrals?

Getting Started Is Easy

Create your own unique referral code when you become an account holder.

Send your code to your friends and build your six-degree network.

We provide a handy pre-written text, which you can edit, personalize with your referral code, and send to your friends.