We apologize for the inconvenience, however, Customer Support is unable to accept calls at this time. Please chat, or email us at customer.support@mph.bank for assistance. All resources are dedicated to addressing this issue.

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Liberty Savings Bank is aware of recent fake calls and texts made to our customers in an effort to steal your information.  If this is a legitimate call, we would :

  • NEVER ask you for your user credentials like your online banking user ID or password.

  • NEVER ask you to click on a link within an email message.

  • NEVER ask you to click on a link within a text message.

 We do have legitimate calls that go out for security warnings, however, if any of the above activity is asked of you, please hang up and contact us directly to report this.

Sometimes, the phone number will look like it is coming in from a legitimate Liberty Savings Bank phone number.   Please do not trust that this is accurate since the phone number could have been spoofed and the call now looks legitimate.  If you have any doubts, please contact us directly.

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