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About Online and Mobile Banking

Online and mobile banking provides an improved account management experience. The interface and features are consistent and intuitive, making managing your information simpler and faster.

You can perform the same tasks with the same basic user interface (UI) across each device. These tasks, however, are relative to the device that makes the most sense. For example, you can take a picture of a check for mobile deposits on your phone, but not on a desktop.

Online and mobile banking adapts to your device

The online and mobile banking platform adjusts to the unique needs of each device, including screen size and other hardware differences. For example, on tablets and smartphones, the navigation menu is hidden by default. When you need it, you can tap or swipe to display it. In addition, some navigation tools are simplified for use on tablets and smartphones.

When you make a change while using one device, it is reflected in another. If you update a setting in online banking, the same setting takes effect in mobile banking the next time you log in.