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Viewing Transaction Details in the Activity Center Overview

A transaction can appear on the Account Details page or the Activity Center page, or both, depending on the transaction status and how you created it. You can view transactions and transaction details on the following pages:

Viewing transactions
Page Includes
Account Details All posted and pending transactions in an account, including:

  • Checks and deposits
  • Transactions at ATMs
  • Bill payments
  • Transfers
Activity Center Transactions will vary depending on your configuration. Transactions that you create in online and mobile banking may include:

  • Transfers
  • Stop payment requests
  • Address change requests
  • Check reorders
  • Payroll transactions
  • Wires
  • Tax payments
  • Commercial payments and collections

On the Activity Center page, the details that appear when you expand a transaction to display its details may vary depending on the type of transaction and may include:

Transaction details in the Activity Center
Name Description
Tracking ID A unique internal number that identifies the transaction.
Created The date that the transaction was created.
Created by The Login ID of the user who created the transaction.
Will process on The date that the transaction will be processed.
Amount The amount of the transaction.
Description A short description of the transaction.

The details can also include other information specific to the Transaction Type.